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Dells Great Lakes Championships

All Individual Wrestlers Must Register By Weight Class planning to Make Weight & Participate at. *No Weight Class Changes within 72 Hours of the Event.


All Wrestlers must show up and be in Singlet the Day of Competition at 9:00 AM Matside for the Weight Audit and must be within 3.0 lbs of Registered Weight Class in order to be Eligible for Competition that Day. 

Wrestlers Weight Is Good For Consecutive Multi Days Of Wrestling based on Sessions / Divisions of Competition. 

*Note The Tournament Managers will randomly draw 4 Weight Classes that all Wrestlers at the drawn weight classes must step on scale and be within 3.0 lbs of the Registered Weight. Anyone Not within 3.0 lbs of the Weight Class or Not present will be Scratched and Not Eligible for competition on that Day.

Any Weight Changes needed by Registration Email to:

Tourney Director Contact: 


All Teams Must Enter Online By Deposits


Dual Team Entry Fee is $695 Per Team In Each Division.

Discounts - Dual Team Entry Fee Discounts *Earn $100 Per Team Discount when book 5 or more rooms at host hotel.


* Individual Tourney Support - Club Coach that Enters 8 Wrestlers Registered under Same Club Name withing the Online Registration will Receive an Admissions Pass for the Individual Tournament. Enter 16 Wrestlers from same Club Name Coach Receives an additional (2nd) Admissions Pass. Enter 24 Wrestlers from same Club Name within Registration that Coach Earns a 3rd Admissions Pass.