Q. When is the Dual Team Registration Cutoff Date ?           A. Be sure to Mail your Team Deposits (ASAP), the sooner the better in order to secure entry into the Super Duals Tournaments.  (Follow Up) all mailed payments by Email  to:  Any and all Email sent about team entry must be followed up by mailed deposits and confirmed entry into the event.  *If you have not secured and confirmed your team entry at least 2-3 weeks prior to the event there is a good chance entry will be filled and the duals registration will be closed out.            

We do not want to turn any teams away but with the very fast and popular growth of this event and the huge logistical planning we encourage everyone to be registered as early as possible, at least 2-3 weeks prior to July 13/15.   It is possible that last minute openings could come about so if you missed getting registered be sure to email tournament contact to see if any last minute space for entry is available.  

Q. How do I submit or turn-in my Dual Team Lineup ? A. If your Team entry has been confirmed by payment & Email communication you will be sent a TrackWrestling.Com User Link that includes User Name & Password the week of the tournament that will allow you to enter your roster. If you have not received that Email from the Tournament Admin by Wednesday evening then (Coaches Only) email or call the tournament director asap at 810-275-4964  Email to: 

Q. Do Wrestlers have to compete in the Dual Tournament, or on a Dual Team to be eligible for Wrestling in the Saturday Individual Tournament.     A. The Saturday Individual Tournament is Open Entry to any and all eligible wrestlers by division. We often get many wrestlers that are Not on Dual Teams compete open entry in all appropriate divisions for the Saturday Individual Tournament  

Q. Do the Weigh-Ins count for the Duals and the Saturday Individual Tournament, How many times do we weigh-in ?A. Wrestlers competing in both Duals and Individual Tournaments only have to weigh-in once (1X) for the entire weekend .  Wrestlers may take advantage of any Scheduled weigh-ins and need to indicate the events, divisions, and or teams they are competing under.  *If competing in multiple or separate divisions for either team or Individual Tournaments please inform weigh-in staff and be sure to check brackets or lineups early prior to the start of wrestling to ensure your in the appropriate weight/division.  Wrestlers will have the opportunity to Re-Weigh if needed during scheduled weigh-in times for team needs if competing in multiple divisions. 

Q. Can my Wrestler compete in separate or multiple Divisions over the weekend ?  A. (YES) Wrestlers may compete in multiple Dual Team Divisions based they are Age eligible. *Example any 9 Yr Old Wrestler based on Age 12/31/17  may compete in the Friday Duals Age Based (9U) division and again on Sunday for a (12U) Dual Team. The same applies for any Age Based 15U Wrestlers that would like to compete on a High School Roster on Friday (HS Duals) and with a 15U Team on Sunday. **Wrestlers may only compete with one Team Roster within a specific Division each day, meaning a Wrestler may only compete for one specific Team in 12U for the Age Based 12 & Under Division.  Same for the other divisions, HS Wrestlers may only compete in one HS lineup, same applies for 9GU and 15U Divisions. 

*Wrestlers competing Saturday within the Individual Tournament may Double Bracket entering 2 Divisions that will require double registration and payment. 

Q. Is there any Weight Allowance ?   There is No advertised weight allowance. There are no intended allowances for any additional weight,   however Weigh-In Staff do not count the tenths decimal at the scales during weigh-ins so example a wrestler weighing in at 130.9 would actually be eligble for 130 weight class.  All Wrestlers must weigh-in wearing a Singlet or Gym Shorts.  Teams may use a Check Scale but it is not a one step on and wrestlers that are close on weight  will be given opportunity to use the restroom and attempt to weigh-in as needed. 

Q. Can I make any lineup changes for my Dual Roster ?    A. (YES) Coaches or Team Directors can make changes to Rosters or lineups thru the Scheduled weigh-ins, also on rare occasions we allow for teams missing any weight classes to make a last attempt during the coaches meeting to fill open spots with any extra team wrestlers available that are already weighed in.   *Note once wrestling has started there are no longer any lineup changes. 

Q. How many Coaches/Table Worker Passes do we get ?   A. Each team, in each division will be provided free (2) Coaches and (1) Table Worker Pass good for the entire weekend. *Only designated Team Directors will have the opportunity to purchase (2) additional Floor Pass $40 good for the entire weekend.  It is the Team Director's responsibility that the Table Worker pass gets to the appropriate Table worker your team is responsible for.  Each  team is responsible for designated table helper that will follow your Match assignment the entire tournament. Team Coaches and Wrestlers will be required to pay Re-Entry for any lost, forgotten or stolen credentials over the weekend.  If anyone's credentials become damaged return them to the Head Table for a replacement.   *There will be a Designated Table in the Arena Lobby / Ticket Booth area for designated Teams with Proper ID can secure passes. *Note Teams must provide (2) Names of designated Coaches that are authorized to pickup Passes, no others changes or names on credential pickup will be made after Tuesday.