Team Sponsorship support plan allowing your program to earn sponsorship dollars to help lower your cost of team entry & travel.   Allows your Team Director to present sponsorship options for local or national supporters within your network of business supporters connected to your team, an advertising and support plan with a Streaming Live Video Ad  and Custom Sublimated Banner during the National events.   Suggested Retail for Plan A sponsors $500 and Plan B Sponsors $800    (*Important / See Team Buy-In Rates below) 

If you have any questions, please contact Garett Stehley by Email at:  or Call by Phone at: 616-485-3634 calls will be returned during evening hours. 

Once you have made contact and your order is placed, the Sponsorship Team will proceed with getting your sponsors or Team established. 

Our goal at NUWAY has always been to grow wrestling in a grassroots fashion.  Throughout our developmentwe have looked to find ways to decrease the costs to teams related to travel and participation.  In 2017 we created the NUWAY Team Support Program, and our first method is helping you raise money through our live streaming service.  As time has passed we turned to live streaming our events, and this has created a way to for our teams to offset their costs, and raise money.     Sponsorship Plan A & B are on a per team and per sponsor basis, Team Programs participating with multiple Divisions or with multiple Sponsors can qualify for overall group discounts. Mention or Discuss with Garett Stehley if you have multiple teams interested.  

  • We associate your team with your sponsor. The sponsor shows on the screen during each of your wrestlers matches. 
  • 15 second advertisement after each match a wrestler from your team wins
  • 15 second pre-roll advertisement on each archived match where a wrestler from your team won
  • An advertisement on Trackwrestling dashboard as mat sponsor.  
  • $250 Buy-In for Sponsorship Plan A that  includes business or team  Sponsor Live Streaming Advertisement & Fabric Sublimated Banner with corporate logo or choice of custom graphic design that fits within the Live Stream format.
  • $400 Buy-In Sponsorship Plan B that includes everything from Plan A Option,  and in addition Live Stream Video Access Code for 20 Members per team or for each sponsor.