Weigh-in/Registration/Team Check-in Schedule (one weigh in for the weekend; counts for both individual and duals!)
* Club Teams may weigh-in as a whole in any of the set times below upon arrival (late arrivals on Saturday after 5pm must wait until Sunday morning - we will not be making exceptions due to Beach Fest)

  • 1) Friday June 28th: Fast Pass weigh-in $20  3-4:00pm
  • General Public weigh-ins 5-6:00pm
    Saturday June 29
  • 2) Last call for individual registration and weigh in 7:30-8:30am for youth and middle school divisions
  • 3) Last Call for individual registration and weigh in 10-11am for high school and girls' divisions
  • 4) Club team weigh-ins for Revolution duals  3-5pm sharp
    Sunday June 30
  • 5) Last call Club team weigh-ins for Revolution duals 7:15-8am sharp

  • Saturday June 29 - All Ages Individual Tournament (Split Start Times See Tournament Form D1-D5 start time at 9:00am and  D6, D7 and ALL GIRLS' & Open Groups at 12:00pm)
  • Sunday June 30- Club Duals Pool Competition 9:00am
  • Sunday June 30- Club Duals Crossover & Championship rounds begin approx. 2:00pm (subject to change)

  • Saturday June 29 - approx. 6pm-sundown
  • After Revolution RI Individual "Mat Fireworks" Tournament & Club Team Late arrival weigh-ins, we will host NUWAY Revolution Beach Fest at Narragansett Town Beach  - we will have some light food and refreshments, so bring what you desire to fill up on.
  • We will have volleyball, corn hole and other entertainment, so please come socialize. Bring your boogie/surf board, beach chairs, coolers, games, etc.
  • 75 Boston Neck Road, Narragansett, RI - behind lifeguard chair 6