ORWAY - Oregon Wrestling Association for Youth

Our mission is to develop opportunities to advance the sport of wrestling by uniting Oregon's Leagues, giving youth wrestlers the opportunity to learn the sport at all levels. Through a united purpose and standard criteria, Oregon's wrestlers will be able to compete at the highest levels nationally. ORWAYS’s mission includes the development of sportsmanship and character through discipline, work ethic, and respect for all of life’s challenges.

ORWAY desires to invest in Oregon youth wrestling by providing unprecedented opportunities to compete in centrally located, state of the art facilities, at state and national levels. Cheap, affordable membership fees will be utilized to further Oregon youth wrestling at a true “grass roots” level. ORWAY encourages and promotes the involvement of all coaches and clubs. We feel ORWAY is to be run and directed by coaches from all areas of the state. We will aid in placing the state of Oregon at the pinnacle of the wrestling nation.

What is ORWAY
ORWAY representatives are a group of coaches from the state of Oregon. All of these coaches are in equal partnership with all decision making of this organization. We welcome and encourage more coaches around the state to get involved and become ORWAY representatives.

Our members are made up of teams from areas around the state of Oregon, and are open to all school based, leagues, teams, and individuals from around the state. 

We are working on several different formats to bring more opportunities for the kids and the wrestling community. Series of novice, all-star, team duals, and more.

We provide primary liability and secondary medical/dental Insurance to clubs, and leagues that need it.