Important Health Measure Required for Access.

Infrared thermometers will be utilized for entry in to the venue.  The temperature has to be at 99.8 or less.  If someone is sick, do not bring them.

1.  Every one when Not wrestling or Adults/Coaches in the venue are required to wear a face shield or face mask. They will be available for purchase.

2.  We recommend people 60 years an older to not attend.  People with pre-existing conditions/co-morbidities should not attend. *Note Live Stream Video Available each Day. 

3.  We will be following current state Covid 19 guidelines

4.  Hand sanitizer will be in plentiful supply.

5. Limited Numbers for Social Distancing, Example Team Duals (Sandstone Ball Room) Coaches / Teams will be limited to 12 Passes for Admissions.

6. Individual Wrestlers for the Individual Tournament will receive 1 Admissions Pass with Paid Tournament Entry. Wrestlers in the Individual Tournament (Tundra Ball Room) will be required to wear Facemask in Ball Room they are Not Wrestling.

Individual Wrestlers and Teams must Exit the Ball Rooms when Not Competing.