Virtual Weigh-Ins For All Dual Teams w/ Matside Weight Audit.

All Dual Teams Entered By Deposit Online will Utilize our Virtual Home Weigh-In & Morning of Matside Weight Audit.

Wrestlers Weight Is Good For Consecutive Multi Days Of Wrestling based on Sessions / Divisions of Competition. *Any Wrestler planning to compete at a lower weight after your first day of competition must make the lowest weight planned for competition over the weekend.  

*Important Note - Wrestlers that are Only Competing in the Sunday Individual Tourney (Individual Only) Must Weigh-In at  Saturday Weigh-Ins Onsite in Gatlinburg) 

A Weight Audit will be Conducted for all Dual Teams. The Wrestlers at (4) Random Weight Classes Per Each Division will be Drawn the Morning of the Tourney Matside (1) Hour Before the Start of Wrestling. Weights / Wrestlers Drawn must Weigh-In within 3.0 lbs of the Weight Class Entered On Team Rosters.

Wrestlers that Fail to Show Up or Not within the 3.0 lbs of Reported Weight Class are Scratched and Not Eligible to compete that Day. *Note there are No last minute changes of Weight Classes By Team Coaches for Dual Lineups after Rosters have been submitted to Tourney Managers.

Wrestlers who compete in Saturday Dual Matches may carryover & count weight class for the next Day's Individual Tourney.

*Any Wrestler seeking to go down a Weight Class for the Next Day's Individual Tournament will need to Weigh-In using the Individual Tournament Weigh-In Times.

Virtual Weigh-Ins & Weight Audit *Any Late add on Team Wrestlers not submitted with Roster all must Weigh-In within 3.0 lbs regardless of Weight Class at the Morning of Random Weight Audit Drawn. 

Dual Team changing of Wrestlers Weight Classes Not Permitted relative to Virtual Weigh-Ins after Rosters are submitted.