Team Entry Fee & Discounts

Dual Team Entry Fee is $650 Per Team In Each Division.

Discounts - Team Entry Fee Discounts *Earn $100 Per Team Discount when a Coach/Club is Entering more then 1 Team over multiple Divisions.

Example Spartan Elite Enters a Team in 9U Duals and a Team in 12U Duals they qualify for the Discount making Entry $550 Per Team. 

11/22 Individual Tourney Support - Club Coach that Enters 8 Wrestlers Registered under Same Club Name withing the Online Registration will Receive a Corner Admissions Pass for the Individual Tournament. Enter 16 Wrestlers from same Club Name Coach Receives an additional (2nd) Corner Admissions Pass. Enter 24 Wrestlers from same Club Name within Registration that Coach Earns a 3rd Corner Admissions Pass.