Age Based Determination - A Wrestlers Age on 12/31/2020 Determines appropriate Age Division. Example a Wrestler 10 on 12/31/20 will be eligible for the 10U Division.

Wrestlers May Only Compete on 1 Team in 1 Division within the same scheduled Time Session. No Double Entry within the same scheduled session. 

Modified College Out of Bounds Rules with Safety First. 

All Dual Team Rosters Must Be Submitted Online Using the TrackWrestling Link that will be Emailed to your Primary Team Contact entered in the Online Preliminary Registration.  Team Roster Link will be sent out the Week of the Tournament.

Coaches must have Proof of Wrestlers Age or Grade based on appropriate Division. 

Anyone that is found participating that is Not eligible based on Age or Grade will result in the immediate disqualification of the Wrestlers and Dual Team. The Coach & Wrestler of the disqualified the Team may become ineligible for future events.   

All Dual Team Coaches must have organized availability & official documentation the proof of each Wrestlers Age.

Code Of Conduct / Coaches are responsible for maintaining good sportsmanship & control of Team Parents. Bad Conduct or Bad Sportsmanship may result in loss of Team Points, the Removal of Wrestlers, Coaches, or Parents and also Team Disqualification from the Event.

Wrestlers Must Weigh-In wearing a Wrestling Singlet.

Headgear are encouraged but not mandatory.

Wrestlers wearing any type orthodontics are required to wear a mouthguard covering upper & lower teeth. 

Official State & National Federation (Current) Infectious Skin Form Protocols Signed By Medical Physician Required with Questionable Skin Conditions and will be Reviewed By Tournament Medical Staff and or Officials. Anyone with questionable Skin Issues can be deemed ineligible.

Tournament Security & Head Officials have the Final Determination on any questionable matside conduct regarding removal from anyone from the Tournament Facility.