1. Age Based determined on Age on December 31,2020.
2. Individual wrestlers may double enter, but not in the same  time session.
3. Headgears Optional but Encouraged. 
4. College Out of Bounds
5. Wrestlers with braces must have full mouth guard
6. Strict skin checks will be enforced, and anyone with questionable skin conditions must have National Federation Form completed to compete.
7. Traditional Dual team scoring and traditional NUWAY time periods.
8. NUWAY adhere to local and state Covid 19 guidelines. 
9. Dual Team coaches are responsible for the conduct of participating wrestlers and or parents.
10. Anyone is subject to removal from event for bad conduct.
11. Each Dual Team is responsible for providing a table worker that will follow all of your matches.
12. Any wrestlers discovered ineligible  will be removed immediately
13. No refunds will be given within 72 hours before event.