FAQ The Bear Weekend of Wrestling @ Gatlinburg, TN (NOV 20-22)

Q. How Do I Enter My Duals Lineup / Team Roster ?

A. Coaches or Team Organizer that entered the Online Deposit and Registration Email will be used that we have on file.

Coach / Team Organizer will receive a TrackWrestling Team User Link for each Team Division they are entered and be able to enter lineup. This will be locked out by Thursday the week of the tourney so enter roster as soon as you receive Track User Link.

*Note if you Do Not see it in your Email by Tuesday Email URGENT Request To:

Q. How Do I Pay, or When Do I Pay my Team Fee Balance ?

A. Team Fee Balances can be paid Cash or Card an hour before Scheduled Weight Audits for your Division. Coaches will then receive Coaches & Table Worker Team Weekend Passes.

*Reminder Each Team is responsible for a Table Worker that will follow your Team Match / Mat Assignments. Score Clock Table Worker Meeting and Table Workers ready half hour before wrestling starts.

Q. If My Wrestler Competes Friday or Saturday do they have to Weigh-In again for Sunday ?

A. No, As long as a Wrestler competes in an official scored match on Friday or Saturday they Do Not have to Weigh-In again for Sunday as long as they are staying in the same Weight Class as they competed Friday or Saturday

*Note if a Wrestler Plans to go a lower weight on any next day of competition they must make and have lowest weight recorded and notify Officials at the Weight Audit Scales no matter what weights are audited.

Q. How Many Coaches Passes Do I Get for Each Team ?

A. Each Team Entered in Each Division get's 2 Coaches Passes and 1 Table Worker Pass for Weekend Admissions.

Each Team Is responsible for a Table Worker part of your Team Entry requirement. Be sure your planning before the Tournament Day who your Table worker will be and have them ready half hour before Wrestling Starts. We wont be able to start your match without a Table Worker from Both Teams.

*Note Additional Corner Admissions Passes can be purchased and will get a person access to the Mat Corner but Teams will be limited to 2 People on the Mat Corner at any moment.

Q: What Happens if I need to add a Wrestler or can I add a Wrestler Late to my Lineup after I Turn In my Roster.

A: Late Add On Wrestlers can be made if they are picked up after the Weight Audit - Weight Classes have been announced they will need to be at the Audit Scales and Make Weight within 3.0 lbs wearing a Singlet. (Regardless of Weight Classes Drawn)

*Important Note - Any Wrestler Not within the 3.0 lbs of entered Weight or Not Showing Up for Weight Audit will be scratched and not eligible for wrestling that day. All Wrestlers must wear a Singlet to Weight Audit.

Q. Do My Wrestlers Need to Wear A Mask ?

A: Not When Wrestling. Everyone Must Wear a Mask of Face Cover except Wrestlers when competing. No Medical or any other Exceptions. Wrestlers Do Not Wear mask when competing but must put it on as soon as they are done with Matches.

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