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NUWAY is growing by popular demand across the country. The idealogy and values instilled in this true grassroots organization is to support all state organizations across the country. Creating a movement that many across the nation have been looking to get involved with for quite some time.

If you believe in building, supporting, and saving wrestling at all levels from youth through college across the United States then this is the organization for you! We look forward to the continued support of all the wrestling faithful and look forward to building into the future.Thank you for your interest in joining the National United Wrestling Association for Youth (NUWAY). Joining this type of organization allows you focus on the grassroots level of wrestling and invest back into your own state. Investing back into your own state is the back bone of this organization! We believe that for each every state to become a strong and a stand alone state organization then you need to invest in the programs in your community at the youth, high school, and college levels. Our vision is that if we invest at the local levels first then we will become a stronger sport nationally.

As you begin to consider joining NUWAY you are going to be asking yourself many questions. The first and most important is, “How do we accomplish the above?”

  1. Spend less on Membership and invest more into your state.
  2. Have a system that allows you to have local weekly events that draws people into our sport.
  3. Have a maintenance system for membership that is cost effective.
  4. Have a financial model that keeps the majority of your resources within your state.
  5. Have a national event that gives back to your state association.

By becoming involved we will outline and suggest ways in which you can become a fluent organization. NUWAY is here to assist you in becoming as strong a possible without micromanaging your associations every move. There are a general set of rules and regulations that we would like all member organizations to maintain. However, these are mostly age group, weight class, and wrestling related rules.

The strength in NUWAY is that we allow you to model your organization in way that you feel is best suitable for your state. Every state has different needs and because of that we will to give you the freedom to make decisions that will best impact wrestling in a positive way in your own backyard. We will maintain and constantly remind each member organization that reinvesting back into your membership is how you become a stronger.

The founders of NUWAY have modeled this system after the Michigan Youth Wrestling Association (MYWAY). MYWAY is an organization that began 2001 with a mere 750 members and now has over 9,000 members. There are several factors that promoted growth in the state of Michigan. The first being is that a system of reinvesting or rewarding the membership was created. MYWAY pays for entry fees for over 300 wrestlers each and every year to participate in national events. In addition, they supply each of the top 3 state place winners with custom national team singlets. Even more so, MYWAY invests into protecting its college wrestling programs by providing financial support at many levels.

The most important thing to remember as you consider joining NUWAY is that we are here to support and assist you in making your state organization stronger. We look forward to your participation in strengthening the sport of wrestling nationally from the grassroots level first which will in turn make the senior levels of wrestling stronger in the future.



National United Wrestling Association for Youth